The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Burlington

May 21, 2024Pepe Cannabis
The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Burlington

Nestled along the serene shores of Lake Ontario, Burlington emerges as a pivotal destination for cannabis aficionados. Positioned between two of Ontario's bustling metropolises and neighbouring Oakville, where legal cannabis establishments are absent, Burlington caters to a diverse community of fervent cannabis enthusiasts. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the premier legal cannabis stores and dispensaries that adorn the vibrant landscape of Burlington in our latest comprehensive roundup.

The Best Cannabis Stores in Burlington, Ontario 

1. Pepe Cannabis Store

Pepe Cannabis Store is the #1 destination for cannabis enthusiasts in Burlington, Ontario. We are an independently-owned business founded by passionate cannabis entrepreneurs with decades of experience. Conveniently located at 892 Brant Street, you can stop by your friends at Pepe on your way downtown or on your way home. Pepe Cannabis Store is known for our wide selection of thoughtfully-curated cannabis flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, vapes, capsules, oils, topicals and more. Specializing in CBD and wellness products, we offer special discounts on Tuesdays for seniors and older adults. 

2. Buds House

This cannabis store is located on Lakeshore road right next to Lake Ontario and close to the border of Oakville and Burlington. Buds House focuses on offering high quality products and frequently stocks Pepe 11 Week Pink and more sought-after strains. 

3. Spiritleaf Burlington

Spiritleaf is one of the largest cannabis franchise chains in Canada with locations across the province and country. Spiritleaf Burlington is located on Fairview street, fairly close to the Oakville and Burlington border.

4. OnePlant Burlington

OnePlant is a large corporate cannabis retail chain with locations across Ontario that is known for curating an exclusive list of brands and products. OnePlant has a store located on Guelph Line in Burlington.

5. CannaCabana Burlington

CannaCabana is a large retail chain owned by High Tide, a publicly-traded corporation that also owns brands including Queen of Bud, Grasscity, Smoke Cartel, Fab CBD, Famous Brandz and more. They have two locations in the Burlington area with one on Upper Middle Road and the other on Guelph Line. 

The Best Head Shops in Burlington

1. Rock Universe

Rock Universe offers a diverse range of products, from band t-shirts to glassware, among others. Locations span across Brantford, Cambridge, Milton, St. Catharines, Grand Bend, Oakville, Simcoe, Dunnville, two each in London, Hamilton, and Burlington, and the latest addition in Kitchener. New arrivals, including brands like Pax, Silika glass, Hoss glass, Nice glass, Purple Power, and Cheech glass, arrive weekly from around the world.

2. Mount Royal Smoke Shop

Mount Royal Smoke Shop is a headshop in Burlington, Ontario located on Mount Forest drive. Open daily from 8AM to 9:30PM. Sells a variety of smoking accessories that can be used for the consumption of cannabis. 

3. Squisha House Artisan Glass and Smoke Shop

Squisha House is located in the Burloak area, right between Oakville and Burlington, Ontario. This shop is by far the headiest head shop in the entire Halton region. Find all of the most rare and unique glass pieces and cannabis smoking accessories from around the world. Dab rigs, dab mats, e-rigs, lighters, torches, bongs, bowl pieces and more.

Weed in Burlington

Since the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Canada in late 2018, Burlington has emerged as a vibrant hub for cannabis enthusiasts. With its scenic beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Burlington has fostered a culture of cannabis consumption, attracting a diverse community of smokers and advocates. Recognizing the economic and social benefits of legal cannabis retail, Burlington was among the first municipalities to opt in for the establishment of brick-and-mortar cannabis stores. Through a democratic vote, residents of Burlington expressed their support for legal cannabis retail, paving the way for licensed dispensaries to set up shop in the city. Thanks to the rigorous regulatory framework established by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), licensed cannabis retailers began legally selling recreational cannabis in Burlington as of April 1, 2019. This milestone marked the beginning of a new era for cannabis enthusiasts in Burlington, where access to high-quality products and responsible consumption practices are prioritized. Whether residents are seasoned connoisseurs or curious newcomers, Burlington offers a welcoming environment where individuals can explore the diverse world of cannabis with confidence and ease.

CBD Oil in Burlington

As the demand for natural wellness solutions continues to rise, CBD oil has emerged as a popular choice for many seeking relief from various ailments. In Burlington, residents can access high-quality CBD oil at reputable cannabis stores like Pepe Cannabis Store. Offering a wide range of CBD-infused products, including oils, tinctures, capsules, and topicals, Pepe Cannabis Store provides a convenient and reliable source for those looking to incorporate CBD into their wellness routines. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, or inflammation, Pepe Cannabis Store offers expert guidance and a diverse selection of CBD oil options to meet your needs

Weed Dispensary Near Me


When visiting Burlington, you may ask yourself "where is the best weed dispensary near me?" Wonder no more. Pepe Cannabis Store is conveniently located at 892 Brant Street in Burlington, Ontario and is fully equipped to meet all of your cannabis needs. Our staff is expertly trained and we have the best cannabis product selection in Burlington. 


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